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Addiction Treatment Services International provides multiple levels of care to be able to help the individual achieve everything they need when fighting the disease of addiction.


Those seeking addiction treatment in NJ will find this to be a program that targets everything from alcohol addiction treatment to fentanyl addiction treatment and everything in between.


Our addiction treatment facilities allow you to feel comfortable while working on your sobriety. We have many types of addiction therapy programs that include CBT and DBT.

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About us

At Addiction Treatment Services International™ (ATSI), we believe that drug and alcohol addiction is a complex, destructive disease that not only affects the individual but also their careers, families, and relationships. Addiction ruins relationships and damages health as the primary focus in life becomes obtaining and using a chemical substance.

Sometimes, a person needs to experience the loss of a career, a home, finances, and/or family before realizing the damage addiction has done. Others realize early on that help is needed before things get completely out of control. Intervention and addiction treatment in New jersy are the best tools for overcoming addiction. It is vital to seek help as soon as you suspect that you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem.


“The real deal, I was so impressed with the professional staff that always went the extra step to accommodate my needs and to reassure my family that I was safe and receiving healing treatment. I’ve applied what I was taught at ATSI and it’s still working today, long term sobriety is wonderful. Thank you again for all you do.“


“Small intimate program with dynamic staff who work closely with you to put your life back together.“

Carl W.



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